Construction Management

A . Civil & Interiors

we have a team of experienced professional associates, who are specialised in execution of all kind of civil Jobs :

  • Sub & Super structure work.
  • Interior finishes (all types of flooring, wall finishes, ceiling works)
  • Infrastructural works (Landscape, Aluminium / glass panel fasade, RCC / Bitumen Road developments etc.)
  • PEB / conventional structural shed works.
  • B . Mechanicals

    In mechanicals, we execute bellow jobs:

  • Supply installation testing and commissiong of piping systems for Steam, Thermic Fluid, Fuel Oil, Air, Gas, Vacuum, Chilled Water, Chilled Brine & Water Distribution, Hot Water Systems.
  • Supply installation testing and commissioning of Fire Fighting & Fire Hydrant Systems.
  • Design, Supply, Installation, Testing commissiong of aircomnditioning systems.
  • Ductable DX System & it’s ducting System.
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow System.
  • C . Electricals & Instrumentation

    In this field we have resources who have execution competency in below areas:

  • Supply installation testing and commissiong of HT/LT Panels, HT/LT Cables, Transformers, DG sets, complete low side electrical works.
  • Networking & Telecommunications services including LAN Cabling, Voice Cabling, I/O Punching and Fiber Splicing.
  • Complete BMS solution integrated with CCTV, Access Control, Fire Detection & Suppression and VESDA.
  • D . Plumbing / Piping

    In plumbing, we do have competent professionals for execution of below jobs:

  • Drainge/Storm Water, Rain Water Systems, Submersible Sewage and Sewage Pumps.
  • Water Supply Systems, Pumps ( Hydro-Pneumatic Systems, Transfer Pumps ).
  • Domestic Water Piping systems.
  • UG & Above ground Piping works.
  • DI Piping works.