Floor / Wall Coating Services

EIPS (Elite Infra Project solutions) are the ultimate solution providers for floor / Wall / Roof coating of various applications and natures. We have a wide range of Industrial floorings, Protective Coatings & Waterproofing Compounds.

We have well trained team of technicians to take care of various projects all over India and abroad. They are regularly trained in order to update their skill in the latest application techniques. In last over two years we have carried out many projects for Pharmaceutical industries.

Our Works


  • Exceptional resistance to Microbial growth.
  • Excellent abrasion & chemical resistance.
  • Seamless & hygienic finish that is dust free, easy to clean and sterilize.
  • Antistatic environment.
  • Extension of usable and maintenance free life of floor.
  • Available in pleasant colours.


Static charges are developed due to friction of two non conductive surfaces and proximity to electrostatic field. This can be eliminated by adding conductive carbon granules in epoxy flooring to transfer the charge and dispose it to earth pit via Copper strip.

Hence ESD provides static charges dissipative property, thus eliminating potential risk to life, property and IP. Preferred mostly in Electronic /computers room, Call centres, Chemical handling facility, Medical device mfg. facilities etc.


  • M/s. ACE Healthcare, Sri Lanka
  • M/s. Atul, Ambernath
  • M/s. Sopan Pharma, Nepal
  • M/s. Olive Ltd, Bangalore
  • M/s. Pam Ltd, Ghana
  • M/s. Anish Pharma, Nashik