It is our firm Endeavour to secure a high standard of safety on our sites.To ensure this all Supervisors, Workes and Subcontractor are periodically passed through safety drills. Safety manager visits the project sites and ensures the safe working environment.

Following precautions are followed at all the sites and same is implemented rigorously :

1. All Plant, Machinery & Equipments are effectively earthed.

2. All hand tools are connected with 3 core cable and 3-pin plug and socket.

3. It is ensured that at the time of carrying out welding, burning and grinding operations fire extinguisher, sand bucket are kept at easily a reachable distance.

4. No alcohol or smoking is permitted on site

5. Place of work to be left in a tidy and safe condition at the end of each work period.

6. All workmen carry valid identification cards issued by the Project Engineer.

7. All workmen wear helmets and approved boot.

8. Only licensed wiremen are allowed to carry out electrical work.

9. Rubber gloves and rubber shoes/boots of correct voltage is used while working on live panels.

10. Each tapping will have an ELCB of 30mA rating and will be taken through an armoured sheathed multi-core cable or for distance upto 10Mts.Through unarmoured multi-core sheathed cable with inbuilt earth wire or earth wires clamped to the cable. All 3 phase connections will have double earth wires.

11. Safery belts and retro-guards are used to prevent workmen form tripping/falling form height.

12. Wire cutting tools and knives etc.are being provided with safety handles.

13. Cable laying will be carried out using rollers etc.

14. Every activity at the site is cleared and authorized by the safety Manager / Project Engineer before the commencement if such activity.