Project Feasibility

Project is an time bound task with definite aim/purpose. Expenditure on project is always done to bring return values to an organization. Hence a study is to be carried out to estimate project expenditure and it's returns to the organization. We, on basis of on our experience, carry out the exercise of this project feasibility wrt to technical / statutory / finance aspects.

Basic Engg Package

This marks the actual moulding of a project wherein basic documents like PFD's, PID, Layout's are firmed up with close deliberation with client process requirements and various regulatory norms.

Detail Engg Package

This phase involves replication of basic engg documents into practical execution basis like Tender document, Enquiry documents for equipment and accessories.

Project / Construction Management

Once all contractors are on board, the whole orchestra has to be synced together seamlessly to achieve the desired client interest wrt to time, quality and budget. Such a project management can only be achieved through indept experience of all nukes and corner of work.

We have apt resources in areas of civil, electrical, piping, instrumentation, with proven track record. This enables us to run the project with required speed and synchronization to deliver the desirables.


On basis of experience in pharma and chemical industry, we handle all types of equipment installation / commissioning activities, whether it's process or utility equipments.